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Well, Hello!  And Welcome to Souvenirs of Love!

I started this blog as an extension of my jewelry business, kathy lo rocks.

The blog started as a project of the kathy lo rocks, a jewelry studio in San Francisco, California.

Kathy lo rocks creates jewelry that celebrates love.   Using photos, names, engravings, stampings, birthstones and other personalized items we make treasured keepsakes for our customers that celebrates all that they love.

Babies, sisters, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, pets, favorite places.  Love is very encompassing and that is a good thing.

We are so privy to so many heart warming stories that I just had to share.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love that we needed to share it with the world.

The stories about love from our customers.  The love we observe everyday.  And of course how to create more love everyday to make your life richer, more meaningful and more enjoyable.

Our goal is to inspire you. And help you have more love in your life.

kathy lo rocks creates personalized jewelry using photos, engravings, stampings and other items.   Much of this jewelry is created to showcase or honor a loved one.

We started asking our customers about the stories behind the jewelry and were so taken by the tales of love, hope, honor and meaning.  These stories are so heartwarming that we wanted to share them with everyone.

However there is a deeper mission and that is to spread love.  I know it sounds so dippy but in reality it is deadly serious.   ok, not too deadly.

It is easy to open a web browser and be bombarded by the latest stories of disaster, killings, robberies, economic doom & gloom.

Where can you go to be bombarded by love?   Where can you go to just feel good.  Not in a way that is unhealthy or distracting but in a way that is inspiring and loving.

And that is our goal here.  To travel and find love wherever exists and bring it back to you.

Souvenirs of Love.