Dad Keychain Grandpa Keychain

Dad vs. Grandfather … is there any question which is better?

We conducted an exhaustive survey and the results certainly won’t surprise you.

Grandad … Granddad … Grandpa won!

Let’s think real hard about this.  Why do we think this is the case?

Could it be study bias?  nah?

Being a grandfather is just a better gig.  Think about it.

You don’t have to worry about curfews, school meetings, PTA stuff, work stress, job stress, other sibling stress.   There’s no thinking about how you are going to pay for school supplies, school clothes, or even pay for school for that matter.   You can leave behind your worries about getting into drugs, the kid’s friends getting into drugs, or even doing drugs yourself.   Wht about making the house childproof, about adding teenage drivers to the insurance.  Who cares!  No worrying about changing diapers in the middle of the night, burping kids, throwing up toddlers, child.

No siree … that is all someone else’s job.

All you have to do is go fishing and know the best place for ice cream.

And man, being a Father is one tough job.  What nut would do that?

(Someone who wants to be a grandpa some day, that’s who)

And here’s a keychain to remind you of your exalted status as grandpa and the hard work you did to earn that.