Love in Strange Places

We are fond of saying that the best part of love is that occurs everywhere, every day.  It can be the smile of a stranger or the warm hello of a well known friend.  And often those are the best loves.  The ones that occur in the nooks and crannies of life!
Even more interesting than the simple places are the strange places, the icky places, the scary places.  Is it possible to find love there?

Love where?

Is it possible to find love in snakes, trash, even fingers running against the blackboard.   All the things that make our faces cringe, our hair curl, our eyes roll.
I’m going out on a limb and saying  “yes”…


Love can be found in really strange places.

Well how do we do that?  I mean some things aren’t meant to be loved.   While we might not like these things they can still represent love; love to someone else.
The snake we so despise has a mom.  How did he (or she) snake get here.  And like all moms, she  loves her child snake.  And the trash?  At some point that was someone’s trash.   Even the blackboard … those fingernails belong to someone.  Someone who has the energy and health to be able to drag their fingernails across said blackboard.
You see if you can turn things upside and find love everywhere.   They might not be things you like or care to have in your life.  And that’s ok.  The real beauty comes from recognizing that these items still have some element of love.  That’s all that is important.

Try this.

Practice this exercise when you catch yourself getting upset, disgusted or frustrated.   I think you will surprised at how it changes your perception and even your mood!