Collar Stays - Father's Day



Ring around the collar?

How about some love ’round the collar?

Whatever to get a man for  Father’s Day?   It’s coming up …

How about collar stays?


well, Dad does wear shirts with collars.  So, hmm, he must need collar stays.

Oh yeah, collar stays!

Wait, what is a collar stay?

It is a nifty invention that keeps the collar flat so it looks nice even if you take a nap under your desk or in your car (just kidding, of course…well, not really).

There is a small pocket on the underside of the collar that allows easy insertion of the collar stay which is usually made of metal or plastic.

Also known as a collar stiffener or collar sticks, bones or tabs.   These Collar Accessories are believed to be developed in England in the 19th century.  Way back then, before the invention,  of plastic the collar stay was made of bone, wood, sterling, mother of pearl or even whalebone.  fancy!

Back to Father’s Day and Collar Stays (kinda rhymes, kinda cute)

How ’bout getting Dad  custom collar stays so that lose who love him can be with him all day long (safely tucked under his collar).

Personalize the collar stays with Dad’s favorite missive (or yours).  Put your kids’ names.  Or your dog’s name.  Or even the cat’s.

Anyone who loves Dad.  (and wants him to have neat, perfect collars).