Wedding Day Kiss

Next to fathers, mothers are the most important person in a girl’s life, and on her wedding day, a girl wants her mother right by her side.

Since her mother can’t be at her wedding, Jennifer – whose mother passed away when she was 13 years old – is making sure her mom will be there by attaching a charm with a picture of the two of them to her wedding bouquet, which will also be wrapped in a piece of tulle from her mother’s wedding dress.

And so that her mother stays close to her heart, Jennifer will have a small heart of tulle from her mother’s dress sewn into her own dress over her heart along with a heart of lace from her step-mother’s wedding dress, a little blue heart button that Jennifer picked out with her mother when she was a little girl, and finally, a little pink elephant button from matching sweatshirts that her mother made for the two of them.

buttons in dress crop

Jennifer says these are all “simple ways for her to be with me.”