Blue FlowersWhy love?

Why chronicle love?

The answer is quite simple, we need more of it.

Everyday we are bombarded with stories of bloodshed, corruption, war, guns, infidelity, discrimination and general snarkiness.   Unfortunately the news often shows us the worse of human kind.

And while we are not discounting the importance of this news.  We firmly believe it is critical to be aware of what is occurring in the world.  If only to let the world know of injustice and to spur change.

However it can also present a skewed version of humanity.  It’s easy to slip into discontent and view the world as a difficult place.

A different view

In our studio we are surrounded by love because of the nature of the jewelry we make.  Sometimes it is bittersweet and sometimes touched with sadness.  It always presents the best of how humans feel about each other.

While we do make jewelry, we create so much more than that.   The jewelry we make represents the love, the sentiment, the heartfelt feelings that one human has for another.   And the stories, the emotions, the depth of pathos are beautiful.  Sometimes the stories are heartwarming, sometimes they are silly and yet sometimes they bring a tear to our eyes.  Even so they represent a much different side of our humanity than that which we see in the headlines.

That sentiment is beautiful.

And It’s too beautiful not to share with the world.

So begins our journey to share the best of what we see with you.

To share and showcase love with the world.

And that is our mission.