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Good News!

We are offering a limited selection of photo jewelry items in our Etsy Store

It is with a heavy heart that I announce

kathy lo rocks is no longer offering custom keepsake jewelry.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to create jewelry that is personally meaningful and special.   And I thank all my customers for sharing your beautiful photos and stories with me and my staff.  We received so much joy from all of you.

However the times are a changing and I’m changing with the times.

Our studio is being demolished to make way for condos!   Since the studio has not been demolished yet (permits take a while in SF) ….

We are now offering a limited selection in our Etsy store.

However, if you have ordered from us before and would like to order again just drop us a note and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

And if you know what you want from us (even if you have not ordered before) we can make that happen as well.   Just let us know.

In the meantime I’m helping other entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

If you are interested then come over to kathyloknows.com

(Need to contact us?)

Signature- Kathy